While it was reported a few days ago that a recently-canceled series might have new life, it seems it was all for naught. According to The Hollywood Reporter, My Name Is Earl will not continue with new episodes on TBS.

It was said that creator Greg Garcia and the studio, 20th Century Fox Television that produced the show, decided the show couldn't move forward with the kinds of budget cuts that were needed to continue the show on the smaller cable network.

"While we had hoped to find a way to produce additional episodes for TBS, in the final analysis we simply could not make the economics work without seriously undermining the artistic integrity of the series," the studio said in a statement released today. "As none of us, Greg included, want the show to go out on anything but a high note, we regret that we must put to rest any speculation that 'Earl' will continue.

"We are grateful to everyone at TBS for their enthusiasm for the series and wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to the cast and crew of My Name Is Earl for their incredible work."

TBS still will air repeats of My Name Is Earl starting this fall.