HBO has picked up the documentary My Second Life: The Video Diaries of Molotov Alva. According to Variety, the film was shot entirely in the popular virtual universe Second Life.

The animated film follows the life of Alva, an avatar of director Douglas Gayeton. His purpose is to discover the creator of Second Life inside the game, but is instead met with a number of colorful characters. The film has a feel much like The Blair Witch Project, with its main character disappearing from real life only to reappear in Second Life.

Gayeton stated, "There is nothing outside Second Life I could have done; the only way to find a creator of Second Life is from the inside. I had to deal with everything directors deal with in the real world, like weather and unruly crowds. And then I had problems you don't have in the real world, like I'd show up one day and the location would be gone."

Running a total of thirty-five minutes, My Second Life: The Video Diaries of Molotov Alva does not have a set airdate at this time.