Dave Bautista called out a writer for being a "judgmental prick" after a Kindergarten Cop joke in reference to My Spy. Bautista did not enjoy being compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger in a negative way, which is understandable. The Blade Runner 2049 and Guardians of the Galaxy actor has gone out of his way to carve out his own path in the entertainment industry after a career in wrestling. He also does not like being compared to Dwayne Johnson and John Cena.

One writer caught the attention of Dave Bautista on social media with a hot take on My Spy, which is finally hitting theaters after a long delay. Jason Perlow tweeted out his opinion to the universe by asking, "Why is every muscle bound action movie star compelled to repeat what Schwarzenegger did with Kindergarten Cop?" He went on to say, "You cannot improve on this seminal classic, The Rock, John Cena, and Dave Bautista." Perlow probably did not expect any of the three muscular men he just called out to respond.

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Jason Perlow was wrong. Dave Bautista responded, along with a ton of other social media users, to let the writer know that his hot take wasn't so hot after all. "What an ignorant thing to say. Anyway, enjoy being a judgmental prick," replied Bautista. The actor also included a middle finger emoji to really drive his point home. Perlow then received an avalanche of angry tweets from fans of Bautista, Dwayne Johnson, and John Cena. However, the writer claims it was just a big misunderstanding. "I thought you would see the humor. I apologize and my mistake if that wasn't recognized," said Perlow. "I was a huge fan of your Blade Runner appearance, I thought it went highly unappreciated compared to your other roles. Peace."

Dave Bautista has yet to respond to the writer's attempt at humor. Social media gives everybody a voice and a platform to present their opinions, which is both good and bad. Sometimes, the "edgier" hot take gets more attention, but it appears the opposite happened this time around. People aren't used to getting called out for their actions on social media, so this must have come as a complete surprise for the writer. Bautista is taking a note out of the Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back playbook, except he's not going door to door to deliver beatdowns. Instead, he's using words.

My Spy was originally supposed to hit theaters in August 2019, but it was pushed back to this year. The movie will now hit theaters on March 13th. Dave Bautista will be seen on the big screen again this year in one of the most anticipated movies of the decade. The actor plays Glossu Rabban in Denis Villeneuve's Dune, which opens in theaters this December. Hopefully there won't be any Arnold Schwarzenegger jokes then. You can check out the social media exchange below, thanks to Dave Bautista's Twitter account.