The Good

A nice twist on the now banal superhero movie.

The Bad

I wish Fox would have sent me a DVD with all the special features and appropriate packaging.

Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) has got some major woman problems in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Smitten by the luminous Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), Matt thinks he's met the lady of his dreams. The fact that she also happens to be a superhero might not sound like a problem, except for the fact that her insecurities make her overly possessive and she uses her strength to keep Matt under her thumb. Well, eventually he gets up the nerve to break up with her, and in trying to start a new relationship with Hannah (Anna Faris), thinks that he's managed to get out of Jenny's grasp. Well, Jenny isn't ready to go gently into that good night, and while part of this film seems to play at times like Blue Velvet, ultimately My Super Ex-Girlfriend does have it's heart in the right place.

If you are looking for a fun date movie, or a way to dump your significant other, I would surely suggest that you screen My Super Ex-Girlfriend.


Deleted Scenes

There are a decent amount of these deleted scenes on this disc and what I found is that they opened up the relationship between Jenny and Matt more. They have titles like "Defending Jenny's Honor" and "Jenny's Cheerleader Tryouts," in which we see how being a superhero really scarred the young girl when she was younger. I always like when they have deleted scenes that contain solid picture quality and sound. That was definitely on display on this disc. My biggest problem is that Fox only sent me one DVD, so I was missing a bunch of the Extra Features that come with this release.


Widescreen. This movie has all the brightness employed that we have come to expect from romantic comedies. What is missing was the superhero sized effects. Since this film is essentially a spoof on both rom coms and superhero flicks, I guess I can't fault it too much in that department. On the whole, everything was brought off nicely with just the right amount of effects and levity. Had this movie tried too much to go in one direction or the other, it most likely would have ended up becoming the kind of film it was having fun with.


Sadly, since Fox only sent me this movie in a white envelope I can't really tell you what kind of sound was employed for this movie. I will say that I did get to watch My Super Ex-Girlfriend on a surround sound system and I noticed that that made this experience fuller. I felt like I wasn't just sitting at home watching a movie, but I think I got a glimpse of what it may have been like to have caught this film inside a theater.


As I mentioned above, this movie came to me in a white envelope so unfortunately, I don't really have too much to say about the packaging. From what I have seen online, the cover seems to be the main one sheet image employed when this movie came out. Uma Thurman, in full vixen attire, stands with her boot crushing the front area of a care. Luke Wilson stands next to her, not too sure that he likes what he's gotten himself involved in.

Final Word

I was really excited about this film before it came out in theaters. First of all, the title alone, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, really grabbed me. Then when I saw the subject matter of the film, I wasn't so hot on seeing it. After screening the movie on DVD, I can honestly say that this is the kind of film that will most likely do a lot better on DVD than it did in the theater. Made for $52 million the film grossed 22 in it's theatrical release, and on DVD it could possibly break even when all the numbers are tallied. I think the problem with this movie is that it wasn't advertised as both a spoof on relationship and superhero films. Had it been opened around July 14 or something like that, I am sure that it would have fared a little better as I think moviegoers most likely would have been more in the mood to see a hybrid like that

My Super Ex-Girlfriend was released June 20, 2006.