The Good

A fun show from the 1980s makes its way to DVD.

The Bad

Why wasn't Paul Reiser more involved with this?My Two Dads is a lighthearted sitcom about family, love and friendship. When Nicole Bradford (Staci Keanan) loses her mom, she is placed in the custody of Michael Taylor (Paul Reiser) and Joey Harris (Greg Evigan). These two men couldn't be more different. Taylor is conservative and uptight while Harris is liberal and into the arts. Amidst this 535 minute DVD set we see why these two men, who may or may not be Nicole's father, create the perfect living situation for this girl.


A Look Back at My Two Dads

On this featurette Staci Keanan, Greg Evigan and others look back on what it was like to be a part of this show. They discuss working with various cast members (mainly Paul Reiser and Dick Butkus), the plot of the show, and the subject matter that each individual episode attempted to examine. This featurette isn't really that in-depth but it should satisfy fans and new comers (like myself) alike.


Full Screen. Sony has done a decent job bringing this show to DVD. As I have often written we are dealing with a sitcom. Chances are this series is never going to make it to Blu-ray disc so there really isn't too much to say about its presentation. Everything looked as good as I expected it would but the actual look of this show isn't that special.


The audio for this show isn't listed out on the artwork so I can't give specifics. I have a feeling some form of stereo was incorporated. As I mentioned above, Sony released this title so the fact that the audio is solid and passable should come as no surprise to anybody.


Reiser, Keanan and Evigan are featured on the front of this slipcase cover with a blue background behind them. The back features two shots from the show, another shot of the whole cast, a description of what this show is about and a Special features listing. The 4 discs that make up this set are stored in two slim cases (come on Shout! Factory you have to make things more economical!!) with more artwork, as well as episode listings and descriptions.

Final Word

I had heard of this show for the longest time but I never ever seen an episode. In fact until MovieWeb gave it to me to review, I had never known that Paul Reiser was even in the show. While the characters and situations drawn are pretty typical, ultimately this show has its heart in the right place.

I think the most interesting aspect of this show is how the "homosexual" elements of it were handled at the time. Our society seems to move in waves in terms of groups that can be laughed at, and when this show was made it seemed that gays were safe ground for that. My most interesting thoughts while watching the film were if this show were made today would the material be handled the same way?

I am guessing probably not.

My Two Dads was released .