A new Spider-Man: Far from Home fan theory believes that Mysterio is alive and well. Jake Gyllenhaal has refused to answer questions about a possible return, which has only added fuel to rumors that his character faked his own death. Before, or after the battle, depending on what you believe, he had the time to set up Peter Parker and reveal his true identity publicly. While this sets up the sequel perfectly, it has led to a lot of questions about how Mysterio was able to pull of his last great scheme.

According to the latest Spider-Man: Far From Home fan theory, Mysterio created the video that J. Jonah Jameson plays during the post-credit scene after his battle with Peter Parker. This would make sense since we see the ordering of the drones during the video, which occurred during the battle. As for Mysterio still being alive, the fan points to the fact that his suit is used during the video, which means Quentin Beck's team had to fire up their tech in order to do it. Does this really mean that Beck faked his own death?

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There are bruises on Mysterio's face that are consistent with the battle, which could lend some validity to the theory. Or, it could have all been a contingency plan that Quentin Beck had in place for such an occasion. Beck's team could have easily faked the bruising and added in the extra dialogue. If they were able to fake out people with the Elementals, they surely could have made a Mysterio hologram too. Basically, while fun to think about, there really isn't much to hold this theory up.

Jake Gyllenhaal played an excellent version of Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but will he show up in the sequel? At this point in time, it doesn't look like it, though it could be a clever twist, especially if Quentin Beck's team are keeping up the illusion that he's still alive. Regardless, we still have a little while to figure everything out. It was just announced that Sony and Marvel Studios reached a deal for one more standalone Spider-Man movie and another cameo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Sony and Marvel Studios deal was big news at the end of summer. MCU fans were heartbroken to learn that Tom Holland was the sole property of Sony and that we wouldn't get proper closure for Peter Parker. With that being said, Holland is officially back and fans are ecstatic to know that all of the loose ends will be tied together, thanks to the partnership between Kevin Feige and Sony. It is believed that the studio will use these extra moves to set up moving the iconic character away from the MCU, so that Sony can set up their own vision. The Spider-Man: Far From Home fan theory originated from Reddit.