The battle we never knew we needed will finally be taking place this week, as the son of Guy Fieri will be facing off against the son of Bill Murray as part of a nacho-making competition for charity. Officially, Fieri and Murray will be serving as hypemen for their sons, with Hunter Fieri and Homer Murray making their families' respective nachos. Celebrity guest judges Shaquille O'Neal and Terry Crews will also be present with Carla Hall hosting the event. Called "The Nacho Average Showdown," the event is presented by Tostito's and will take place on the Food Network's Facebook page on Friday, May 15 at 5/4c.

As random as this competition might seem on the surface, it came to be as both Hunter Fieri and Homer Murray are chefs. Taking after his father, Hunter refers to himself as the "Prince of Flavortown," playing off of the elder Fieri's "King of Flavortown" nickname. Meanwhile, the younger Murray launched his own restaurant, 21 Greenpoint, in Brooklyn before later opening the Caddyshack Sports Bar & Grille in Illinois. Father Bill also made headlines when he served as a guest bartender at 21 Greenpoint back in 2016, as a large crowd formed outside the building with people waiting to get a drink from the Ghostbusters star.

Guy Fieri and Murray announced their roles in this competition during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, with the two celebrities joining host Jimmy Fallon with the use of their home webcams. After explaining to Fallon how the competition came to be, Fieri and Murray then offer some tips on making the perfect nachos. As he's also doing his show from his own home kitchen, Fallon attempts to make his own nachos on the program, and they don't seem to turn out too bad. Somehow, the segment comes to a bizarre end with all three taking "shots" from bottles of hot sauce, but I suppose we shouldn't have expected anything less.

The primary purpose of The Nacho Average Showdown is to raise funds for Fieri's Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF) charity. Through the efforts of Fieri and others looking to assist those in need, RERF provides financial help to out-of-work restaurant employees affected by business shutdowns across the United States. As Fieri also recently appeared on John Krasinski's feel-good web show Some Good News, Krasinski teamed up with PepsiCo to donate an additional $1 million to RERF, bringing the charity's total to over $22 million raised for restaurant workers in need so far.

You can watch Fieri and Murray's nacho competition when The Nacho Average Showdown takes place on the Food Network's Facebook page on Friday at 5/4c. Fieri also spoke about the competition in a post on the Food Network's Twitter page, and he seems very excited for Friday to come, telling followers to "tune in to something awesome." Perhaps you can take after Fallon and make your own nachos to enjoy during the competition as well. You can check out that video and you can also watch the Tonight Show spot with Fieri and Murray speaking about the "nacho-off" in the YouTube video below. This news comes to us from Food Network on Twitter.