The world of adult entertainment is perhaps not as glamorous as some would have you believe. Nacho Vidal, known in the Spanish speaking world for his adult movies, has been charged with reckless homicide, following an unorthodox ceremony where the 'actor' used lethal amounts of toad venom on another man.

Ignacio Jordà González uses the alias Nacho Vidal when going in front of the camera to perform sex acts. The man was arrested this past May for 'suspicion of manslaughter' after an 11-month investigation. Spain's law enforcement agency, the Guardia Civil confirmed the news.

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The victim was a photographer who engaged in what is being called a "spiritual or mystical" ceremony. The incident took place in July 2019 in the town of Enguera, near Valencia, in eastern Spain. This information was made public through a statement from a court in Xàtiva, a town in the province of Valencia.

This so-called 'mystical' ceremony was conducted at the home of Ignacio Jordà González, who was preforming under his alias Nacho Vidal. During the ritual, the photographer victim was instructed to inhale venomous vapors which were emitting off the scales of a burning Bufo alvarius toad.

Lawyer for Ignacio Jordà González, Daniel Salvador of the firm Vosseler Lawyers, did not want to comment at this time about his client's case. The lawyer had been contacted this past Friday about the strange ritual that resulted in death. In June 2019, the lawyer did say that the unidentified man's passing was a 'tragic accident', though also claimed that his client was in no way responsible for the cameraman's death.

Nacho Vidal was officially charged this past Wednesday with reckless homicide. He can now appeal the decision. The prosecutor's office has until this Friday to request the opening of an oral trial, or call for dismissal. A case against Ignacio Jordà González's cousin, along with another unnamed individual being investigate for the same 'mystical' ceremony, has been dismissed. The court claimed that the two individuals had no "control of the situation". The two were also not allegedly directly involved in conducting the deadly ritual. Neither of the individuals have been named publicly.

At this time, police are not releasing the name of the cameraman who died from inhaling the toxic fumes wafting off the burning toad scales. The Bufo alvarius toad is sometimes called the Sonoran Desert toad or the Colorado River toad. The amphibian is known for its 5-MeO-DMT, which brings about hallucinogenic effects in its victims. The Addiction Center website says this particular venom is four to six times more powerful that the more well known DMT or dimethyltryptamine. This venom is known to 'stimulates the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that causes feelings of happiness."

The court claims that Ignacio Jordà González was the leader of the 'mystical' ceremony using the toad venom. It is noted that Vidal had experience in ingesting the venom. He is accused of being a supplier for this 'drug', and the court maintains that he failed to properly administer a dose that was not lethal to the victim.

Ignacio Jordà González is facing four years in jail under section 142 of the Spanish penal code. Going under the name Nacho Vidal, the adult film star has shown up in at least ten thousand sex scenes throughout his established career. He has been making triple X rated movies for the past 26 years. He calls himself "one of the most important exponents" of the adult film industry in Spain. He also owns his own adult toy store. CNN brought us this news first.