Back in December 2013, we reported that Ed Helms signed on to star in Paramount's remake of The Naked Gun, although the initial story hinted that it may not be a straight-up crime procedural parody like the 1988 comedy classic The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad. The last we heard about the project was in January 2014, when screenwriter Robert Ben Garant insisted that it will be more of a "continuation" of the franchise than a reboot. Now, according to original Naked Gun director David Zucker, this new incarnation won't be a parody or a spoof, essentially confirming the original report. Here's what David Zucker had to say, when asked by Yahoo! Movies if he is involved in this updated version of The Naked Gun.

"I have no involvement in it. They own it and they wanted to do it with Ed Helms and two writers. It won't be like the Naked Gun that I did. It may be good, but it won't be that kind of movie. They're going to use the title. They asked me if I wanted to produce. They're nice people, but they don't want to do that style of spoof that I do. I would want somebody who had never been in an comedy. Ed Helms is very well known for three of the biggest comedies ever. I understand why Paramount is doing what they're doing. If my name was on it, I would be making all sorts of suggestions and trying to change it, and it would be frustrating."
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David Zucker was at the forefront of the spoof genre with his films such as Airplane!, Top Secret! and BASEketball. He also directed Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4, but admitted that the spoof genre "has come on hard times" as of late.

"It becomes watered down. I produced Scary Movie V, [and] that was so watered-down that [it] contributed to ruining the genre, as did all the Friedberg and Seltzer movies [such as Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans]. [Parody] has come on hard times. They're not being done well. Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4 did well, they made tons of money, they were huge hits. But by Scary Movie V, it just got watered-down, we had to do what the studio required. It's why I didn't want to direct it anymore."

What are your thoughts on The Naked Gun remake not even being crafted as a parody? Do you think this franchise should be left alone, or are you looking forward to seeing what Ed Helms can bring to the table as Frank Drebin? Let us know what you think below.