Naked. Happy. Girls. What more do you need to know? On January 13 (9 p.m. ET / 10 p.m. PT), Playboy TV will premiere Naked Happy Girls, a 13-episode half-hour documentary series that follows erotic photojournalist Andrew Einhorn as he traverses New York City, meeting real-life women and convincing them to pose nude for him. Based on the popular hardcover coffee table book, Naked Happy Girls, the Playboy TV series offers viewers an authentic, un-glamorized, un-idealized look into the life of a working artist as he navigates the art world with its galleries and commercial demands while maintaining his creative output and managing his personal life. Interviews with his models reveal their varied reasons for agreeing to pose nude.

"Andrew has the kind of job most men would die for, except it's really not all babes all the time. Just 9-5," stated Mark F. Mauceri, Playboy TV's Vice President, Worldwide Programming. "In between, the reality of struggling in New York City, a demanding publisher, a judgmental mother, and girlfriends who can't get comfortable with his line of work turn an otherwise perfect life upside down."

Andrew Einhorn has developed a unique photographic style that is undeniably erotic and unabashedly fun. "I'm lucky that I can make women laugh," says Einhorn, "Laughter is happy and happy is sexy and sexy is nice. I like sexy pictures. I like happy sexy pictures. Most people do." Working with women he meets on the street, his Naked Happy Girls series is natural, playful and cheerful - capturing his subjects' inner beauty as much as their outer beauty. From Lower East Side Goth Girls to NYU Film Students to Upper East Side Debutantes, these are real women, with all their self-perceived "imperfections" celebrated. Employing his charm and sense of humor, Einhorn puts his models at ease, coaxing them to open up for the camera lens.