The Guardian revealed recently that Naomi Watts has joined the cast of Joshua Michael Stern's update of Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear. Other previously announced cast members include Anthony Hopkins in the title role, and Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightley as Watts two on-screen sisters.

Stern announced that more big names would be revealed soon, stating, "The one thing that I'm staying away from is stunt casting. There won't be the American comedian, but there will be some really great actors playing smaller roles that will make a lot of sense."

Stern claims that he won't be changing anything about the storyline, "I'm not very fond of the modern adaptations. It's pre-Roman, Celtic, very raw. It's a period in British history, from which Tolkien took a lot of his inspiration, where there were thatched-roof roundhouses and fortresses."

Shooting is said to begin in Britain or Ireland in early 2009.