The Ring 2: Actress Naomi Watts recently sat down with SciFi Wire to discuss the sequel to The Ring...

Watts' character is now dealing with the deaths she caused in the first Ring, while still trying to save her son from the curse of Samara Morgan. "I actually feel that the emotional arc is a little stronger," Watts said in an interview. "[Doing a sequel] is nerve-wracking, because you think, 'Well, I've done that. What else can I do?' But there's also something challenging about that, too. Showing how this person has grown, and how do you play these horrible things that she's had to live through? She is responsible for a lot of death, and so, I think, living with a huge thing. But she's trying to be a more caring and responsible mother, and that's how it starts out. It's less detective work and more about how do I save my child?" RELATED: Sadako Teaser & Poster: The Ghost from The Ring Is Back

Watts credited DreamWorks with making sure the sequel expands on the original, rather than repeating it. "Doing a sequel is always hard, because how do you not be repetitive? How do you deliver to your audience that you've found? And you know what they need, but [you want to] introduce new ideas. I think they've been really careful about that. We have the wanted scares, but they're never cheap shock-value moments. They're usually more creepy. And there are more moral dilemmas."

Watts added that there will also be more to the horror than the first film's cursed videotape and phone calls. "There’s a lot of other ideas that have been introduced, but I can't tell you," she said. "It's way too early. It's not just the tape and the phone."