Natalie Portman called out the Golden Globes last night while presenting the award for best director. Before reading off the list of nominees for this year's award, Portman made a clear point that this year's nominees were, once again, "all male." This, in a year when directors like Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird) and Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) positioned themselves to be deserving of a nomination in the category. Here's what Portman had to say before reading off the nominees, while presenting with director Ron Howard.

"Here are the all male nominees."
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The nominees were Guillermo del Toro, who won for The Shape of Water, Martin McDonagh for Three Billboards, Christopher Nolan for Dunkirk, Ridley Scott for All the Money in the World and Steven Spielberg for The Post. It's hard to argue against any of those nominees, as these are easily some of the best movies of the year and there are some of the best living directors we have with us today in that list. But considering that Lady Bird won the award for Best Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy, it's tough to justify Greta Gerwig not being included. Natalie Portman certainly had a point to make and she made it in a big way.

Natalie Portman's call out received a ton of attention on social media. Reactions were mixed, with many praising her choice and others feeling that she was taken attention away from the directors who earned a nomination. In general, the response seems to be skewing positive though. Barbra Streisand presented the last award for the evening and, as she pointed out in her speech, she was the last woman director to win at the Golden Globes for her movie Yentl.

"So backstage I heard they said something about my, uh, I was the only woman to get, did I hear right, yes, the only woman to get the best director award. And you know that was 1984, that was 34 years ago. Folks! Time's up. We need more women directors and more women to be nominated for best director. There are so many films out there that are so good directed by women."

The big test for Hollywood will be when the Academy Award nominations are announced this month. The Hollywood Foreign Press is responsible for the Golden Globe nominations. The Academy has a very large group of voters that has been adding more diverse members as of late. Perhaps that means Greta Gerwig and/or Patty Jenkins can score an Oscar nomination, even if they got snubbed at the Golden Globes. You can check out the footage of Natalie Portman from the Golden Globes, courtesy of the Koalatea Korner YouTube channel, as well as social media reactions for yourself below.

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