Natasha Henstridge (Eli Stone), James Cromwell and David James Elliott (JAG) will topline Impact, a two-part TV disaster movie about a dwarf star striking the moon and wreaking havoc on Earth.

According to Variety, the miniseries is being directed by Mike Rohl (Smallville) from a script by Michael Vickerman (Superfire).

"Despite the financing challenges in the market today, networks and video distributors worldwide are eager for programming of this nature," Tandem's Jonas Bauer said. "The story has broad appeal because it combines universal fears we all have - of large objects flying through space and hitting the Earth. That's what we're playing with, the effects on gravity, electro-magnetic disturbances, tsunamis, earthquakes, a high-speed train getting airborne at 200 miles an hour."

The $14 million miniseries began shooting on location in British Columbia last week.