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The Bad

One of the most popular movie comedies of all time is also the film that made John Belushi a star. This raunchy, screwball comedy directed with madcap zest by John Landis offers a relentless spoof of 1960s college life by following the hilarious adventures of the Delta Fraternity.


Includes Hot New Music Video "Shout" Remade By Hit Music Group MxPxFirst saw an MxPx video when I went up to Malibu to hang out with my friend Darren Doane. I didn't think they were that great, but it's obvious that writing very catchy melodic-themed songs comes quite naturally to these guys. This doesn't mean however that this qualifies them to be a part of the awesome ANIMAL HOUSE legacy. The video is okay and the song is done well, but please ... couldn't they have at least gotten a better band? Or at least one with more of a pedigree.Where Are They Now? A Delta Alumni Update - A Hilarious All-New Mockumentary Featuring The Original CastThis idea was very cool. John Landis acts as if the original ANIMAL HOUSE movie was a documentary. He then gets us up to speed of the lives that the character lived from when that movie was completed to the present day. The actors act as if they still are the character. We see that one cast member went to work for Al Qaeda, another is now a tour guide at Universal Studios and another works in "wellness". These are but only a few of the gems that are found on this mock-documentary. I have to take my hat off to Landis and Co. because they certainly tried to do something different. In some of the scenes the characters just aren't funny, but for the most part I found this light hearted look at what happened to some of my favorite screen characters, in one of my favorite films of all time, to be very enjoyable. Did You Know That? Universal Animated Anecdotes About The Original Production Of The FilmAt first, when I saw that there was no audio commentary I was very disheartened. I LOVE audio commentaries. I savor them. I need them. I like them so much, that that is what oftentimes compels the Mush to put his good money down and buy the dvd in the first place. Once again, Landis and company are ahead of the curve. I have never known of a dvd having this feature(accept when the commentary was in another language and had to be transferred). What is this thing that I am ranting about so much? Basically, this movie DOES have an audio commentary. Just not in the traditional sense. The movie plays and then tidbits pop up on the screen as subtitles would. They are especially funny because the movie is so light and good natured in it's tone, that the anecdotes come at you with a very comic straight forwardness. And what else would you expect from some of the modern masters of the movie comedy?The Yearbook: An Animal House at the making of ANIMAL HOUSE with interviews from the cast, the director, writers, etc. about what it took to get this film made. It's amazing how when these movies came around, none of the people in the know(ie. studio folks) thought that these films weren't going to be anything. This film grossed over $141 million dollars IN 1978!?!? It boggles my mind how people can have the positions in this business that they have(while playing it safe), when it has been clearly proven that the only way to make things that are truly lasting is to TAKE CHANCES!!


This digitally remastered dvd looks great. The only bummer is that it is in 1.33:1 FULL SCREEN. I am a widescreen man. Why in the world if a film was meant to be seen in widescreen, would it EVER be released in full frame? In fact, why are more and dvd's boasting stickers on the dvd covers that read, "FULL SCREEN - NO BLACK BARS". Who would want that? Okay, maybe I am being too much of a dvd geek because this is truly the only bummer about this dvd.


In 5.1 audio this thing sounds great. As I often state, I have been watching these dvds on a mono tv so this makes the sound 2.0 mono but it sounds great, I still laugh a lot so I don't think I am missing anything.


Final Word

I love this movie. When BB offered me this assignment, I almost kissed his feet. This is one of those movies that you can put on, or find halfway through on TV and no matter what you just get into it and watch it. All the performances are top notch, and with all the cool extras this dvd is really something to marval at. It is so great to see that the people involved have all retained their sense of humor and joy at trying to make people laugh. It also makes one wonder what may have happened had John Belushi not died in such an abrupt way. This is the kind of dvd that is a must own. There is so much to be gleaned from it. With the movie itself and all the features, it really offers up a time capsule from that moment in American History. It also serves as a great reference for would-be screenwriters, actors and directors who want to make such films. This film foreshadows movies like SUPER TROOPERS who clearly made themselves with a tip of the creative hat towards ANIMAL HOUSE.I look forward to watching and rewatching this dvd for years to come. I would even consider having some kids just so I could share this film with them!