The Good

This film does it's best to push the envelope. I don't know what envelope that is but it pushes it!

The Bad

Come on....

National Lampoon's Pledge This! is best described as one those movies. What do I mean by that? Here is the plot:

School has begun anew at South Beach University and the girls and guys are going wild. Naive freshmen are the objects of everyone's eyes and this isn't a bad thing (for the most part) until Victoria (Paris Hilton) feels threatened by these underlings. She decides that these new girls must be taught a lesson and she's going to be the one to teach them.

Well, as you can guess a war is waged in this movie that again bears the brand National Lampoon before it's title. I don't really know what kind of movie this is, but I will say as far teen comedies are concerned it turns things up a little bit.


Making Of

This is a look at the behind the scenes antics of this film. Actually, I think that that is giving it way more credit than it deserves. Something tells me that when they were making this movie, they realized that it probably wasn't going to do much damage at the box office. So, they figured they'd reedit it into a more racy tale and then include this "making of" to give off the semblance of having special features. As viewers we get to hear from cast members, but there's something about this film that makes it really hard to take any of these people seriously.


Aspect Ratio: Widescreen. This film had the light and airy look of a teen comedy. However, there were many things about the production that just felt cheap. Not low budget but cheap and considering that Paris Hilton was a big part of this movie that surprised me. Don't get me wrong, I know that she doesn't elicit thoughts of class, there is a certain headstrong quality to her that does give her a certain edge. This movie looks like something she may have had second thoughts on about halfway in.


Language - English 5.1. The audio on this movie could most aptly be called typical. They tried to spice up the soundtrack and give it that "time of your life" feel, but there is just something off about this movie. Lets be honest, National Lampoon seems to know their niche. They really had something with Animal House. However, despite what many people think, that movie was anything but a stupid comedy. That's why we will remember that film and National Lampoon's Pledge This! won't even be a footnote.


A scantily clad Paris Hilton is seen on this front cover with two girls behind her in tall socks and catholic school outfits. Behind them is a building that simply says, "Sorority." The back portion shows some pictures from the movie (which will probably turn some potential viewers off), it serves up a description, a Special Feature listing, a cast list and technical specs.

Final Word

What is so amazing about this movie in my eyes is the fact that Paris Hilton is a woman who has essentially created her own empire. She comes from a lot of money but I think she deserves credit for having made it on her own. So why wouldn't this movie has done more business when it opened theatrically? I guess it could be a case of people seeing a movie like this and just assuming from the one sheet (and whatever else they heard about it) that it wasn't any good.

Lets be honest, there have been worse movies made than National Lampoon's Pledge This! I just find it really interesting that there could be a gazillion executive producers, two writers and a director and this is the kind of movie that they came up with!

National Lampoon's Pledge This! was released December 1, 2006.