The National Basketball Association is in negotiations to resume the 2019-2020 season at Disney World. They're having "exploratory conversations" to hold all games and keep all players at Walt Disney's ESPN Complex In Orlando. Back in the middle of March, the NBA made the difficult decision to suspend their current season due to the world's current state of affairs, which directly affected players in the league. Fans around the world were shocked and saddened by the decision.

As June approaches, several NBA players have revealed their intent to get back to the basketball courts to finish out the season. Los Angeles Laker LeBron James has reportedly been holding secret practices with the team to prepare and has mentioned more than once that he believes that now is the time to resume the season. The NBA released an official statement in regard to the Disney talks. You can read the statement below.

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"The NBA, in conjunction with the National Basketball Players Association, is engaged in exploratory conversations with The Walt Disney Company about restarting the 2019-20 NBA season in late July at Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Florida as a single site for an NBA campus for games, practices and housing. Our priority continues to be the health and safety of all involved, and we are working with public health experts and government officials on a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure that appropriate medical protocols and protections are in place."

The news comes as Disney Springs reopened to the public, resulting in huge crowds. Universal Orlando is also set to open its doors on June 5th, with many under the belief that Disney World will be next. With that being said, it is believed if and when the NBA gets back to playing games, they're won't be any crowds in attendance. This leads to a whole mess of problems that will have to be figured out in time for July.

The NBA will have to look at reshaping the season, along with what the playoffs will look like. In addition, the league will have to go into detail about the health concerns about starting the season up again, along with what could happen if someone is affected directly. They will also have to detail where the players will stay and the safety concerns about that aspect too. Will the players and their families have to practice social distancing and remain indoors in Orlando? Or will Orlando be opened up by then?

It is also believed that the NBA is having talks with Las Vegas about resuming the 2019-2020 series at an undisclosed location. As more and more cities across the United States attempt to reopen, Vegas has been the one itching to get back and could be fully open, with restrictions, within weeks. As for the NBA starting up again, there will have to be some training and a lot of other discussions before it starts moving forward. You can check out the official statement in regard to the Disney talks below, thanks to the official NBA Twitter account.