NBC has ordered eight episodes of new reality Love in the Wild, targeting the dating franchise for next summer, according to variety.

Love in the Wild is a mashup between The Bachelor and Survivor, with a little Temptation Island sprinkled on top. Ten men and 10 women looking for love will somehow pair up each week and compete in a series of physically and emotionally taxing competitions.

Winning duos will then get a better chance to get to know each other in luxurious surroundings.

The idea is that men and women looking for love could be helped along by sharing extraordinary experiences.

Love in the Wild is reminiscent of the 1980s feature Romancing the Stone, in which Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner's characters are thrust together via dramatic circumstances.

NBC will use signature summer series America's Got Talent to launch

Love in the Wild (still a working title).

Producers say episodes will end with an elimination, and that Love in the Wild will build up to a finale with a prize.