Seth Rogen can do very little wrong at this point in his career. He is having a massive weekend with Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising having debuted with a lot of critical praise and Preacher is airing on AMC tonight, which he co-wrote and produced. Zac Efron has also returned for the Neighbors sequel and has really found a home for his career in rated R comedies. The pair have reunited again, but this time it is to tease the possibility of a Neighbors trilogy, kind of.

In order to help promote the release of Neighbors 2, which came out in theaters on Friday, Universal Pictures has released a new promo video featuring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron doing their usual bit of goofing around with one another, but with a fun little twist. The promo over at Youtube is spoofing the oversaturation of the zombie genre, more specifically Fear The Walking Dead, and the pair tease that a zombie apocalypse would essentially be their pitch for Neighbors 3. Efron reveals at the end of the promo that the official title or the film would be Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising, which Rogen is on board with.

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As outlandish as that may sound and as much as the trailer was just meant to serve as a funny promo for Neighbors 2, it really may not be all that far from something that could be a reality. The sequel has been very well received by both fans and critics, so the idea that a third installment in the franchise could be greenlit is far from hard to imagine. What's more, the idea that the third film would be so far off base may not be all that strange either. It was recently announced that Sony is moving ahead with the Jump Street and Men In Black crossover, tiled MIB23, with Alice Through The Looking Glass director James Bobin attached to direct, so really anything is possible.

The story of Neighbors 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, but with a small twist. This time around, it is a sorority moving in next door to Mac (Rogen) and Kelly (Byrne) who are currently trying to sell their house, but the girls of Kapa Nu led by Shelby (Chloe Moretz) make things problematic. With Mac and Kelly needing things to go smoothly in order to close the deal on selling their house, they must try and find a way to get rid of Kapa Nu. In order to make that happen, they must team up with Teddy (Efron), who is at a bit of a crossroads in his life and is desperate to find a way to feel needed again.

Financially it also seems to make sense. The first Neighbors was made for a reported $18 million and wound up grossing $270 million worldwide, which is a pretty nice turnaround. The entire creative team returned for Neighbors 2 and though it didn't make what Neighbors made on its opening weekend, the sequel still grossed nearly $22 million during a very crowded weekend at the box office. However, making a third neighbors movie in the style of Shaun of the Dead would likely get a bit more expensive, so it might be a bit more of a risk on the side of the studio. Not that they are actually considering making that movie, but it is fun to think about, especially knowing what Rogen was able to do with This is the End. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is in theaters now and stars Seth Rogen, Zac EfronRose Byrne, Chloe Moretz, Ike Barinholtz and Dave Franco.