Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchet and Terry Gilliam are currently in the process of trying to raise the money to have 'Good Omens', the novel co-written by Gaiman and Pratchet, turned into a movie directed by Gilliam. However, Gaiman is strongly interested in having his other works, most notably 'Sandman' directed by Gilliam as well.

Gaiman's 'Sandman' series, written for DC comics under their Vertigo imprint, tells the story of Dream of the Endless. The Endless are seven siblings who embody an aspect of reality; Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Destruction and Delirium. Gaiman sums the series up thusly: "The Lord of Dreams learns one must change or die and then makes his decision." 'Sandman' distinguished itself by being the only comic book to ever win the World Fantasy Award.

At the premiere for Stardust, Gaiman told Empire magazine that "I would always give anything to Terry Gilliam, forever, so if Terry Gilliam ever wants to do 'Sandman' then as far as I'm concerned Terry Gilliam should do 'Sandman'," said Gaiman. "But Terry's busy trying to get 'Good Omens' made that Terry Pratchett and I wrote."

"I hope that if we ever see Sandman made into a film that it will be made by someone who has the same love for the material that Peter Jackson had for The Lord Of The Rings and Sam Raimi had for Spider-Man," Gaiman continued. "Zach Snyder's doing Watchmen at the moment and he knows what he's doing and I hope it's good."

That said, Sandman is a massive work, covering ten graphic novels. "It's hard to adapt 'Sandman' without destroying its ardour," said Gaiman, "and I hope if ever it happens, then it's done with integrity and passion. I would rather have no 'Sandman' movie than a bad 'Sandman' movie."