Author Neil Gaiman has been hired by Chinese producer Jizhong Zhang to adapt the classic novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en into a big-budget 3D movie.

The story centers on The Monkey King, who is accompanied by a Chinese monk, a pig spirit and a fish spirit, to India where he seeks out the ancient texts of Buddha for enlightenment. Journey to the West will be an English-language production, although it will be shot in China and use a blend of Western and Eastern actors.

James Cameron will serve as a script and technical consultant, overseeing the use of 3D technology. Although a director isn't attached yet, Jizhong Zhang revealed that Guillermo del Toro has shown an interest in directing the project, which will be the first of a proposed trilogy, each with a $100 million budget.

Here's what Jizhong Zhang had to say about Guillermo del Toro.

"He has shown a lot of interest, but he wants to see a treatment first. Obviously, the more celebrated the director, the busier they are."

Journey to the West has been told in multiple incarnations, with several Chinese film and TV adaptations sprouting up throughout the years. No production schedule was given for this new take on Journey to the West.