Neil Marshall has signed on to rewrite and direct the Troll Hunter remake for IM Global. Marc Haimes (Men In Black II) wrote the original draft of the screenplay, but the filmmaker will do a director's pass on the script before production begins in early 2014.

We first reported on this project back in April 2011, with Chris Columbus signing on to produce in June 2011. The original Trollhunter, directed by André Øvredal, followed a group of students investigating a series of bear killings. They meet up with a mysterious troll hunter, who shows them the gigantic beasts who are really responsible for the killings. No story details were given regarding this American version.

Chris Columbus is producing through his 1492 Productions company, alongside Michael Barnathan and original Trollhunter producers John M. Jacobsen and Sveinung Golimo.

Production is scheduled to begin in early 2014, on a budget of $25 million. It isn't known where the production will take place, but there will be snow on the ground in their locations when shooting begins. Neil Marshall is currently directing the biggest Season 4 episode of Game of Thrones in Ireland, which is said to be on the same mammoth scale as his popular Season 2 episode "Blackwater". Neil Marshall also directed the pilot episode of Starz's Black Sails, which was already renewed for a second season in July, months before the Season 1 debut in January 2014.