District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is back with a surprise quarantine horror movie. The filmmaker hasn't helmed a feature since 2015's Chappie and had largely been keeping himself busy by directing a series of shorts. But Blomkamp decided to make use of his time during quarantine this year and filmed a new supernatural horror flick in secret. For the time, not much has been revealed about the movie but we are sure to learn more sooner rather than later now that the cat is out of the bag.

According to a new report, Neill Blomkamp's untitled horror movie was shot over the summer in Canada. There is no word, specifically, on who is starring, only that the cast was largely made up of Canadian actors. Neill Blomkamp personally penned the screenplay and it is a project he has reportedly wanted to make for a long time. While plot details remain entirely under wraps, it is said to have "a strong sci-fi and VFX component." That is largely in line with what we have come to expect from the filmmaker over the years.

AGC Studios backed the project. The company previously worked on the World War II movie Midway from director Roland Emmerich. The studio had also previously partnered with Neill Blomkamp on the thriller Inferno, which has Taylor Kitsch attached to star. But the Hollywood shutdown got in the way of plans to film that movie. Instead, a plan was hatched to make something smaller in scale that could adhere to current safety protocols. Julian Clarke, who worked as the editor on all three of Blomkamp's previous features, is aboard the new movie as well. Inferno is still in the cards though and the plan is to shoot the movie sometime in 2021.

Neill Blomkamp made a big splash in Hollywood with his debut feature District 9. Released in 2009, the inventive sci-fi movie was met with a wave of critical praise on its way to a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars and $211 million at the global box office. That was followed up by 2013's Elysium, which starred Matt Damon and grossed $286 million. Though its much larger budget ultimately hampered its profitability. Then came 2015's Chappie, which was both a critical and commercial disappointment. But during the making of that movie, a plan was hatched for the filmmaker to helm a new Alien movie that would bring back the original cast. Unfortunately, those plans fell apart once Ridley Scott decided to get serious about making Alien: Covenant.

There is no word yet on a possible release window for the secretive horror movie. No studio or streaming service has been revealed as a distributor. But with filming done, we could expect to see it sometime in 2021. And with streaming services and studios hungry for content right now following the shutdown, it seems hard to imagine the movie will have a difficult time finding a home. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. This news comes to us via Deadline.