Star Trek: Nemesis: There are still many more months to wait for the newest piece of the Star Trek franchise. But none the less the machine continues to pump out new treats from the film almost daily. Today Yahoo movies has posted nine new stills from the movie!

Hurry up before they disappear! If you want to see them CLICK HERE

LOTR: The Two Towers:Dark horizons has alerted us that someone over at Imladris has posted a bunch of info about the upcoming Lord of the Rings installment. Some of the highlights include the fact that The battle of helms deep will run almost 45 minutes without interruption, and the note that Peter Jackson wanted Gollumn to be "really slimy". There are also some interesting notes on PJ's next projects.

CLICK HERE and read all about it!

K-19: In his latest film K-19:Widowmaker Harrison Ford stars as Russian submarine captain Alexi Vostrikov in the true story of the Russian sub. Film Force has posted five new shots from the upcoming film. K-19 opens July 19th

John Frankenheimer: We at Lights Out are sad to note the passing of one of Director John Frankenheimer at the age of 72. Behind such films and Ronin, The Manchurian Canidate, and The Island of Dr. Moreau he will be missed.

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