Netflix is teaming up with NBC to offer an exclusive DVD to it's subscribers.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, they recently announced this pact that will contain "a never-before-seen recap of the first 11 episodes of the NBC show Heroes and the first episode of the new NBC drama The Black Donnellys."

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Netflix users will have "from now until the end of March" to "add to their queues the NBC DVD, which will remain exclusive to Netflix until Jan. 15, when its content will be made available on"

"We are delighted to again be working with Netflix on this special offer," said chief marketing officer for NBC Universal Television Group, John Miller. "We think the combination of an exclusive catch-up for audiences who have not yet discovered Heroes, the pilot of The Black Donnellys, as well as a preview of [upcoming NBC psychological cop drama] Raines, will make a very attractive offering for Netflix subscribers."

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