Netflix is always trying fun and innovative ways to engage its streaming audience, and today they have announced a new feature called Flixtape. It's a great way of getting a big dose of whatever you like, or the streaming service will make one for you. The company describes Flixtape as a short playlist of Netflix titles based around a theme, a mood, or message. Basically, it's like those mix tapes you used to make as a kid back in the 80s. But for Netflix. Fans of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy will know exactly what Netflix is getting at if they aren't young enough to remember such a thing ever existed.

To get started, you need to visit Flixtape. There, you will be able to put together your own Netflix Mixtape or have one tailer made for you. First, you must name your Flixtape. The name of your Flixtape is everything, it's how Netflix kicks off your playlist with a few movies and shows that capture the vibe you want. Type in the feeling you're trying to capture, a nod to the genre you love to geek out on or a message to the person receiving it. And soon you will be on your way to nostalgic bliss.

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Flixtape actually proves to be quite interactive. It allows you to edit your playlist as you see fit, as if you were back in your bedroom, sitting on the floor, trying to decide which song comes next. Netflix encourages its users to mix it up. The on-site editor allows you to replace and remove any of the 3 titles Flixtape has suggested for you. You can also search for and add up to 6 total titles to your playlist.

Next, you get to even design your own customized cover. Perhaps it's not as unique as the ones you used to make with colored pencils and Sharpie markers. But your Flixtape is meant to be personal. Each one has a customizable cover with doodles that match just about any theme. You can feel free to personalize it even more by adding the name of a friend, loved one, or whoever else is lucky enough to get your awesome Flixtape. And yeah, one of the whole reasons this exists is to share it!

Once you have made your very own Flixtape, you can launch into the world with Twitter or Facebook. You can also share it with someone special via email or text. Anyone who has the privilege of viewing your Flixtape will see your amazing title, experience your custom cover, peruse your playlist and watch the titles on Netflix (as long as they have an active account). And that's all pretty neat, right?

Netflix has even released a cool new video that shows you how it all works. So, old and young people of the Internet, join hands. Now you can create a playlist of your favorite Netflix shows and movies and share it with your friends! Check out the video here courtesy of youtube. You can get started right away. If you need a break from the new mind-control app Pokemon Go, this should bring you back into a much more innocent time when people weren't falling off cliffs, getting hit by cars, and being lured into bathroom muggins. Take a look.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange