Both Netflix and local LA TV station KTLA were on lockdown after a suspect with a dangerous weapon was allegedly spotted in the Netflix building or in the lot outside. It is unclear exactly where the suspect was apprehended. As of this writing, both buildings are in the process of safely evacuating after authorities caught the suspect. It is also unclear what kind of weapon the suspect had, if any. Police have stated that the suspect is in custody, and did not have a gun. The active shooter lockdown has since been lifted.

Posts on social media began to spread about Netflix and KTLA being on lockdown, which eventually caught the attention of local news. There is no confirmation about how long the both buildings were on lockdown, but at this time, it appears as though everybody is safe as police hve evacuate both buildings to conduct their search. It is not clear if authorities were tipped off to devices or other weapons being dropped off by the unknown suspect. The suspect appears to have worked alone, though the investigation continues. Police at this time say there was no risk involved.

The Los Angeles Police Department are currently searching a portion of the street where it's believed that the suspect's car is parked. Thankfully, nobody was injured during the lockdown. Initial reports stated that the suspect had a gun, but that has been proven false. For evacuating two building, it would certainly seem that the suspect was armed with some kind of weapon, though that is pure speculation at this point. Police are currently getting up to the fourth floor to make sure that employees are all safe.

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After the evacuations and sweeps to find anything unsafe, it is believed that the police will allow everybody to get back into the building. There have not been reports of any shots fired or any reports of injury. Netflix offered this statement to their employees as they went on lockdown.

"We received a tip about a potential law enforcement incident. Police are conducting a sweep of the lot out of an abundance of caution. There is no immediate danger or threat to our employees. Feel free to share this information with your loved ones."

All of the Netflix employees were funneled across the street from the building and are waiting for the police to finish their sweep of the building. LAPD is still evacuating and informing employees to stay away from open spaces and the windows as they continue their investigation. Sunset Blvd. is shut down between Bronson and Van Ness as of this writing. This is a developing story and more news is expected to drop soon, but for now, it appears that everyone is safe and the suspect is in custody. The Netflix lockdown news was first reported by Deadline.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick