Somehow Netflix subscribers were able to get The Painted Veil this week. Even though it's not out on DVD.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, they report that "a 'minor delivery issue '- one that has already been remedied, according to a Netflix spokesperson - a small, undisclosed number of Netflix renters got a copy of the Warner-distributed flick, which has yet to launch into wide theatrical release."

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Apparently, "the discs were award-viewing screeners intended for members of Film Independent, the Santa Monica-based nonprofit group that sponsors the annual Spirit Awards, that's turned into a high profile event honoring independently produced films."

The Painted Veil, which stars Edward Norton and Naomi Watts, "is distributed via Warner Independent Pictures and is currently only in theaters in Los Angeles and New York."

Apparently, Netflix's "save feature," which allows users to put movies in their queue before they are available, is actually what caused this problem and allowed subscribers to get the title sooner.