Finding New Years Eve films on Netflix isn't as easy a task as you might think. The simple reason being is that there really aren't that many of them. I was quite surprised to realize this so, I had to revise my expectations a bit. Eventually, the list became more about movies that evoke the holiday/New Year's spirit which is how I eventually put together 10 films for your Netflix New Year's Eve.

As I stated, this list is more about how the holidays make us feel. It was important for me to try and capture that because this time of year means many things to many different people. This list does its best to represent the highs and the lows of the holiday season. This is a special time and one that needs to be documented and cherished because it only comes but once a year, right?

Now, just because these films may not all feature New Years Eve (or New Years as a whole) in a traditional way, they are still great for a night of binging on the 31st. With so much happening in the world and the holidays evoking so many memories, for many it might seem like the perfect night to just turn on and tune out. These films are certain to lift your spirits but also make you take stock of all that you've been lucky enough to receive over the past year.

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With all the doldrums that come with the holidays, this list will hopefully keep a permanent smile on your face. I specifically put together a list to try and avoid feelings of melancholy. Sure the year is ending and the holidays have a way of evoking memories that are both good, bad, bittersweet and every other emotion under the sun. At its core, this list is meant to accentuate the positive aspects of New Years Eve.

So no matter how you celebrate this time of year, one of the "10 Films for Your Netflix New Year's Eve" is certain to strike a chord. Whether you want to be uplifted or just have a good laugh this list is here for you. So, make your resolutions, crack open the apple cider, and get ready for a binging great time!

Happy New Year

<strong><em>Happy New Year</em></strong>

In this Bollywood tale a diamond thief is intent on getting revenge against a large hotel in Dubai. So he assembles a group of not very good dancers to take over a dance contest. Huh? Alright, on the face of it this might not seem like the greatest of films to ring in the New Year. However, if you want fun, action, and adventure, than you need look no further than Happy New Year. With its skillfully choreographed dance scenes, its light moments, and whimsical nature that are part and parcel of any Bollywood film. Happy New Year is just the kind of film to kick off your Netflix New Years. This movie may be a bit off the beaten path but at nearly 3 hours, it will keep your interest like no other!

Love Actually

<strong><em>Love Actually</em></strong>

This classic tale of of the holidays is the kind of movie for which lists like this were made. Now before you berate for me putting a film on this Netflix list that is clearly about Christmas Eve and not New Years Eve, remember what I said about these films being Holiday-centric. Do you want your New Years Eve to be lively and fun or do you want to bemoan the fact that there aren't a million movies about New Years? Love Actually follows 8 couples as they try to navigate what can be the perilous waters of relationships. The backdrop to all of this is that it takes place before Christmas. Again, this film might've been better suited to a general holiday list, but as the bell tolls for the New Year is there anything that gets you more amped than a good, fun, love story? With a cast that includes Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Bill Nighy, and Colin Firth, you really can't go wrong with this Netflix pick.

Christmas Inheritance

Christmas Inheritance

This Netflix original shows that not everything is as it seems around the holidays. Ellen is a woman who has been waiting to take over her father's company. If her last name was Trump this would be a no-brainer. She'd merely show up and the job would be hers. That isn't the case with this film, as part of her taking over the company involves learning what it means to care about other people. Christmas Inheritance isn't a New Years film per se but it isn't totally a Christmas film. Rather this movie looks at people and the universality we all share. As the 31st draws near is there anything better for us to have on our minds this caring for our fellow man? With a cast whose biggest star is Andie MacDowell, Christmas Inheritance is a movie for any time of year, but we are sure lucky that we have it for this New Years Eve!

A Holiday Engagement

A Holiday Engagement

Hilary (Bonnie Somerville) is in a pickle. She's going home for the holidays and she's not bringing a boyfriend of any sort. Having just been invited to leave a relationship, the last thing she wants to do is hear it from family and friends. The holidays are supposed to be a special time and Hilary's holiday seems headed for major suckville. So... she takes a business-minded approach and pays a random dude to be her ex-fiance Jason. As you can guess things don't go as Hilary plans and she's forced to take stock of not only her life but her soul. I realize I have probably made this quasi-New Years film sound a lot deeper and heavier than it actually is. Let's just say that it's a solid offering from Netflix and it also has Shelley Long in it. So you really can't go wrong, right? Cheers!

Before We Go

<strong><em>Before We Go</em></strong>

Alright, how can you not like a romance movie with Chris Evans and Alice Eve? This story follows Brooke (Eve) as she misses a train and is stranded in Manhattan. She begins a friendship with Chris Evans' devil-may-care character and they end up having an adventure of a lifetime. Along they way they grow closer, share tender moments, and basically realize that perhaps they were meant to meet. Before We Go is the kind of movie that, whether the creators realize it or not, was made for New Years Eve. With it's strong themes and rich subtext and tone, it's a gem for this time of year. Whether you are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship, Netflix has really done a smart bit of programming by making this movie available. It is smart, funny, and just what the doctor ordered for your New Years night!

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles

Okay, this isn't Bad Santa but it certainly isn't White Christmas. Given the lack of straight up New Years fare that Netflix offers we've got to take what we can get and The Christmas Chronicles certainly gives us a lot. This story follows a brother and sister who want to capture Ole Saint Nick in action. As we live in a world where everything has got to be "caught on tape," it's easy to see why our protagonists would want to do that. As usual things don't go as planned and when Santa's sleigh crashes, it's up to the young friends to help him make Christmas happen. This film is probably the most Christmas-centric but, again, you must look at it in the context of New Years Eve. Do you want to be sitting around binging movies that are going to make you depressed? Movies that are going to be play into the unexpected doldrums that we all feel this time of year? Or, do you want to sit back and have a nice 105 minute adventure with none other than Kurt Russell playing Santa Claus?

Merry Kissmas

<strong><em>Merry Kissmas</em></strong>

Again relationships play a big hand in Merry Kissmas. Kayla appears to have the perfect partner to marry. At the same time she isn't 100% on the whole thing. All of this is made even more confusing when when she kisses another guy and now really wonders who Mr. Right is? Merry Kissmas is the kind of movie that, on their face of it, seems disposable. It isn't a film that is going to move the cinematic needle, yet, it is needed for New Years. New Years Eve is a day and night that is filled with many emotions. Some people love it but a lot of people dread it. Because of this, a film like Merry Kissmas, with a run time of less than 90 minutes, is imminently bingeable. Will this film change your life or effect the sort of resolutions you make? Hardly. However, Netflix knows that there's something for everybody on its platform and that's why this film is here.

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

Debuting this New Years Eve, Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour is truly a bonafide New Years Eve event. Swift will be performing in Dallas and as such she'll be helping us ring in the New Year the Swifty way. See her kibbitz with fans, dazzle with her voice, and keep everyone on their toes in this truly "Global Netflix event." Okay, I know for a lot of the people reading this, they're not falling all over themselves to tell their friends they're going to be spending New Years watching a Taylor Swift concert. At the same time, this is a pretty cool event. Taylor Swift is an artist that not only writes her own stuff, but actually seems to have something say. She's using her platform to advance worthwhile causes and, somehow, in this day and age of disposable culture, is managing to have real staying power. Events like Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour are the reason for this!

Set It Up

Set It Up

With a gaggle of buzz Set It Up has redefined the romantic comedy on Netflix. Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu play two bosses whose work ethic knows no bounds. Their loads often spill over onto their employees and they are tired of it. So, rather than just quit, employees for both these people decide to set up Diggs and Liu in the hopes that this will lighten their workloads. Okay, lets be honest right now, Set It Up isn't reinventing the rom-com wheel. What it does do is provide a 105 minutes of good old fashioned fun. New Years Eve is a very special time. As schmaltzy as Set It Up may sound, it is also a lot of fun. There's laughs, a fun story, and enough movie moments to make you remember why they used to make more romantic comedies in the first place. Set It Up is one of those rare movies that makes you feel better after you've watched it. It doesn't matter that you can watch the trailer and know what is going to happen, this film is still a good time and great to ring in the New Year!

Magic Mike

<strong><em>Magic Mike</em></strong>

Some people might watch Magic Mike and think that it's only a a film for the ladies (and certain men) to watch on New Years Eve. That is a fair assessment but it would be wrong to think that Netflix doesn't have all of our backs. When you consider how many options people have for streaming, Netflix doesn't want us thinking that we need to go anywhere else to fulfill our content intensive needs. Magic Mike is centered in the world of male strippers. Basically, an older stripper is tasked with showing a younger stripper how to make it on the striptease circuit. With a cast that includes Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, and Olivia Munn among others, Magic Mike is the kind of movie that is easy on both the eyes and brain. The film is whimsical, engaging, and just the thing you need as the balls start to drop and we head into 2019!

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