If you're a Netflix subscriber and still waiting for a DVD, you're not alone. According to Variety, one-third of Netflix's 8.4 million subscribers are still waiting for discs after a technical outage wreaked havoc on the system.

The error, which wasn't fully disclosed, started on Tuesday, with no discs shipped at all. While some service was restored on Wednesday, the problem arose again on Thursday. Service was finally restored late Thursday afternoon at some of Netflix's 55 shipping centers and the online retailer said employees would work throughout the night to play catch-up.

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"It's really unprecedented," said a Netflix representative, who also added that service has never been down for more than a day. The website and streaming service were unaffected by the glitch.

The company also said it planned on issuing credit to the subscribers affected, with the amount of the credit to be based on how long their service was interrupted for.