Several Netflix subscribers became quite irate earlier today, after a report surfaced that revealed the streaming service is running tests where ads appear before movies or TV episodes. Netflix has never aired any advertisements before its content in the past, but they have recently experimented with "post-roll" ads for their original shows, which air at the end of a movie or episode. Netflix is now testing "pre-roll" ads for their own shows that play before these streaming videos, but a spokesperson confirmed that Netflix's policy on third-party ads has not changed.

"Our policy around ads is unchanged. We have no plans to support third-party ad units."
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Netflix spokesperson Cliff Edwards confirmed in an email statement that they are testing teasers for their original content before movies and TV episodes for subscribers in certain markets, but it may never be implemented for all Netflix subscribers.

"We've had originals teasers at the end of shows for a while. Some members are seeing tests at the beginning of shows. As you know, we test many things over the year, many of which are never universally deployed."

HBO employs a similar format for their subscriber-based programming, airing ads for upcoming shows before their current programming. For instance, fans who watch Game of Thrones live every Sunday will likely see ads for Ballers or the second season of True Detective, both of which debut on June 21 after the current season of Game of Thrones comes to an end. While Netflix has consistently said that they never plan to implement third-party ads, some analysts believe the streaming service will eventually need to do so in order to remain profitable. Would you like to see ads for upcoming Netflix original shows before you watch a video on the streaming service? Chime in with your thoughts below.