It seems that Netflix will be digging deeper into their Blu-ray customers' pocketbooks from now on. is reporting that, starting on April 27, Netflix users who opt to rent Blu-ray titles could pay $9 more per month.

We reported back in October that the online rental giant was charging an extra dollar per month for subscribers who wished for unlimited Blu-ray access. Now, the fee will remain a dollar per month, but only if you opt for the least expensive plan of $4.99 per month, which allows users to rent one movie at a time, with a maximum of two per month. However, for users who have the most expensive plan, at $47.99, which allows users to have eight movies at a time and an unlimited amount per month, the fee will be an extra nine dollars for unlimited BD access.

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The site didn't elaborate on what the Blu-ray fees would be for plans in between those two.