If you plan on catching up with your favorite programs on Netflix this weekend, such as the new season of Orange Is the New Black, Marvel's Daredevil, the Emmy-nominated Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or any other movie or TV show available on the streaming service, you may notice a new upgrade. Netflix announced on their official blog yesterday that they have added the first "major" upgrade to their TV applications, which will make it a bit easier for fans to enjoy the movies and shows they want to watch. Here's what the streaming service had to say in a statement on their blog.

"We work hard to innovate and evolve the Netflix experience so our members can connect with the stories they love with greater ease. Today, we're excited to release the first major update to TV applications since late 2013. Now when you select a title, it will start or resume playing while displaying key information to help you confirm your choice. We're letting the content speak for itself by providing a more immersive and cinematic experience that best represents the capabilities and expectations of today's TVs. RELATED: Ruby Rose Is the Most Dangerous Celebrity to Search Online

Video is a rich medium for storytelling and we've found bringing video playback into the content selection experience makes it easier to find something great to watch. We'll start rolling this out globally today, and it will be available on eligible devices over the following days. We're thrilled to bring this innovation to members and will keep working hard to improve the Netflix experience on TVs."

The streaming service's upgrade is a similar interface to what you might see when watching a TV show or a movie through a cable provider, with the title, episode title and plot details popping up immediately after you click on that title. The screen that would normally pop up when clicking on a title, allowing you to start from the beginning of a show or resume where you left off, will now appear as the video starts to play automatically. This allows for more of a "channel-surfing" experience, if you feel like moving from one show to the next, with each show immediately starting where you left off each time you click back.

The news comes on the heels of a recent overhaul of the entire Netflix website, that launched last month, which eliminated the carousel of movies and TV shows for viewers to choose from, in favor of a more streamlined home screen that resembles a mobile application. It was also announced that Netflix has started testing advertisements in certain markets, but only for their own original programs, and not third-party ads. What do you think about this Netflix update? Do you think it will make for an easier viewing experience when you log on to the streaming service next time?