Charles Dance has signed on for a role in Syfy and Sky Movies HD's Neverland, a four-hour prequel to author J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan" set to air in 2011, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Neverland is written and directed by Nick Willing.

Charles Dance will play the role of Dr. Richard Fludd, a 400-year-old former alchemist to Queen Elizabeth and the genius who can transport everyone back to their own time.

He joins previously announced cast members Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, Bob Hoskins, Raoul Trujillo and Charlie Rowe.

According to a plot description, Peter Pan (Charlie Rowe), along with his pals of young pickpockets, have been rounded up by their mentor Jimmy Hook (Rhys Ifans) to snatch a magical orb which transports them to another world -- Neverland.

Filled with white jungles and imposing cities formed out of trees created by Dr. Fludd (Charles Dance), this mysterious realm welcomes unknown friends and enemies snatched from time.