Neverland: Two week ago Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet began principal filming in London. Today we have our first pictures from the set! The film Neverland deals with the life of J.M. Barrie the author of the famous children's book Peter Pan! In the gallery below you will find six pictures of Johnny Depp in the lead role as Mr. Barrie.

CLICK HERE to check out the production shots!

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Pinocchio: Dark Horizons has posted three beautiful shots from the upcoming Robert Benigni live action adaptation of Pinocchio. Benigni, you'll remeber, is best known to us in the U.S for his role (and acceptance speech) in the Oscar winning Life is Beautiful.

CLICK HERE for Pinocchio!

CLICK HERE and check out Pinocchio's co-star.

CLICK HERE for another shot of the wooden one!

Die Another Day:The BBC Online was lucky enough to snag a very cool piece of footage from the set of Die Another Day. In the sequence that is featured Pierce Brosnon is in the midst of rehearsing a sword fight with the films arch-villian! Very cool!

CLICK HERE for 007 coolness!

Film Poster Roundup: Today we also have the premier of several new one-sheet posters for upcoming films.

CLICK HERE for a glimpse fo the poster for The Kid Stays in the Picture.

CLICK HERE for Never Again.

CLICK HERE to see the fantastic one-sheet for The Grey Zone.

CLICK HERE and see the poster for Ice Cube's new film Barber Shop.

Thanks to Film Force!

Star Trek: Nemesis: Finally today just wanted to let you know that the official website for the upcoming Star Trek: Nemesis has gone live.

CLICK HERE and check it out!

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