Alien: New footage will be seen in the Alien: Director's Cut being released this October and IGN Filmforce has a video featurette to prove it!

Watch a new featurette with never-before-seen footage. Then watch Ripley discover "The Nest." RELATED: Hasbro Celebrates Aliens 35 Anniversary with Nerf LMTD M41A Pulse Blaster

Today at IGN FilmForce you'll get the first glimpse of Veronica Cartwright and Sigourney Weaver scuffling outside Ash's Med Lab. That, and a few more quick but never-before-seen shots from Alien as they're entwined by the hand of Ridley Scott into Alien: The Director's Cut.

The featurette, which runs about three and a half minutes, also includes a new interview with Scott and a concludes with a snapped-up, neo-pop round of editing that just has to be seen.

CLICK HERE to download the featurette!

Thanks to 'Stax'