Alien: New footage will be seen in the Alien: Director's Cut being released this October and IGN Filmforce has a video featurette to prove it!

Watch a new featurette with never-before-seen footage. Then watch Ripley discover "The Nest." RELATED: Ripley Wears Xenomorph Disguise in Canceled Alien 5 Concept Art That Reveals Queen Fight

Today at IGN FilmForce you'll get the first glimpse of Veronica Cartwright and Sigourney Weaver scuffling outside Ash's Med Lab. That, and a few more quick but never-before-seen shots from Alien as they're entwined by the hand of Ridley Scott into Alien: The Director's Cut.

The featurette, which runs about three and a half minutes, also includes a new interview with Scott and a concludes with a snapped-up, neo-pop round of editing that just has to be seen.

CLICK HERE to download the featurette!

Thanks to 'Stax'