Alien vs. Predator:Creature Corner got a hold of some info which debunks the story we ran yesterday which included supposed new photos from the production of the film.

The Corner has been informed that the image to the right is indeed actually a marketing graphic for the Aliens vs. Predator:Extinction Playstation 2 game and has nothing to do with the movie. RELATED: Predator Prequel Director Shares Ingenious Disney Mashup

On a casting note: Sanaa Lathan, from the Denzel Washington thriller Out of Time, has been cast as the lead, Lex Kline, an "Ellen Ripley"-like character. Lathan joins Raoul Bovan (Under the Tuscan Sun) who has also been cast as an archeologist.

"They didn't have this footage for the show last week, and we joked that was because they shot it the night before. Tight close ups on the two sides, and then a threat that "Whoever wins, we lose". Nevermind the fact that AVP sounds like an update on a classic convenience shop rather than a long awaiting team-up/battle movie. This trailer is awful, and will get more laughs than Freddy vs. Jason."