Alien vs. Predator: Thanks to casting agency Showfax, and an article over at IGN Filmforce, several pages of the Alien vs. Predator script have supposidly become available. Take a look at what IGN has printed about the plot...

WARNING! Major spoilers could follow!

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For starters, the movie takes place in the present day, at a time when Aliens are unknown - and presumably Predators as well. So unlike some of the other rumored storylines, this plot will not be about humans trying to catch a Predator with Alien bait.
Movie PictureThe movie opens with the fairly predictable and formulaic rounding up of various scientists and specialists for some unknown, well-paying, ultra-secret and super-urgent task. Expressions like it was an offer I couldn't refuse turn up often. It is eventually revealed that Weyland, using thermal satellite imaging, has discovered an ancient temple-pyramid complex far beneath the Antarctic icecap. The structures pre-date the pyramid civilizations of Egypt and the Americas, leading Weyland to believe that this could be the site of an ancient Master Culture.

To explore this finding, he needs a drill team, specialists in Aztec and Egyptian archaeology, and an environmental scientist (Lex). Aliens seem to be the last thing on anyone's mind, although at least one soldier and an ex-soldier appear to be part of the group. Does Weyland expect some trouble after all?

There seems to be some friction between the roughneck drillers brought along, and the scientists. But what are the drillers there for, if not to provide a large supply of expendable characters?

Once inside the pyramids, the group discover disturbing remains, including piles of human skeletons with holes in the chest (from Alien "chest-bursters"), and fossilized Alien "face huggers." It seems that the temple was either built or infested by Aliens in Earth's distant past.

The movie, of course, needs a romantic angle. This is fulfilled by the attraction between Lex and Sebastian (the Aztec archaeologist), and is terminated later in the movie when Sebastian is caught by an Alien, given the full cocoon treatment, and incubated with a chest-burster.

The carnage starts sooner than that, however. Miller, the nerdy and expendable chemist is one of the Alien's first victims. Corrections made to the script suggest that it was initially a toss-up between Miller and Sebastian for the early demise. Vincenzo, who seems to be a soldier tag-along, is also one of the first to get the chest-burster treatment. Characters named Bass and Stone (probably roughnecks) make early exits as well.

The script pages make no mention of the Predator. It seems that he may show up farther along in the movie. Considering the depth that must be drilled to reach the Aliens, the Predator may be a late arrival who uses the humans' own passage to the temple.