The future of the Batman franchise is a tiny bit uncertain, but the one absolute certainty is that it will continue on. Maybe it will be Ben Affleck playing the Caped Crusader, maybe it won't. But Warner Bros. is planning to follow through with their most bankable character one way or the other and, that being the case, he is going to need some villains to fight, especially in the upcoming The Batman. Not that Warner Bros. is going to come knocking, but Arnold Schwarzenegger says he'd be game to play another villain in a Batman movie, given the opportunity.

The actor recently spoke with Fandango and he was asked if he would be willing to have another go at playing a villain in a Batman movie. Not only would he do it, but he sounded very enthusiastic about the prospect. Here is what he had to say about it.

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"Absolutely! I think all of those movies, if they're written well, they're entertaining. If it's Batman or Batman and Robin, or X-Men or Spider-Man, all of them. If they're written well, they have a great life. People enjoy them, and you can see the grosses that they make worldwide. So, yes, of course I would."

Not that it would be easy to forget, but in case you don't remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mr. Freeze in 1997's Batman & Robin. It may not be for the right reasons, but that movie, and specifically Schwarzenegger's performance as Freeze, are very memorable. Joel Schumacher had a very different, campy take on the Batman movies, which had Mr. Freeze hamming it up an awful lot and throwing out pun after pun. People have a fondness for the character, but not necessarily because they think he is a great villain in the pantheon of great movie villains. So the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger playing another bad guy in a modern day Batman movie might be a bit off-putting.

There is also the issue of what Batman & Robin did to the franchise. The movie was a tremendous failure in every way imaginable. The movie currently holds a terrible 11 percent approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with a truly awful 16 percent audience score to go with that. The movie also tanked at the box office, bringing in just $238 million, working from a very high $125 million production budget. Because of that, the Batman franchise was killed for nearly a decade before Christopher Nolan was able to revive it with Batman Begins.

It wouldn't be fair to place all of the blame on Arnold Schwarzenegger's shoulders. Movie fans know that, in the right context, he makes for a great addition to an action movie, so there is no reason to think he couldn't play a good Batman villain. Maybe if Clayface ever makes his way to the big screen? But his willingness to do it doesn't mean that he'll get the opportunity, so don't expect to see him on the cast list for The Batman or anything like that.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott