The official Star Wars website has unleashed some new details on two upcoming behind-the-scenes books coming from Del Rey next year...

The breathtaking visuals of the final Star Wars film and the engrossing tale of making Episode III are the subject of two in-depth behind-the-scenes books coming from Del Rey next year. With each film, Del Rey has published similar companion books that illuminate the filmmaking process, chronicling the innovations, the artistry, and the journey of capturing the imagination of George Lucas onto the silver screen. But never before have these books been so closely connected, to give the reader an intimate portrait of the filmmaking process.

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For Episode III, the adventure behind the camera has been more meticulously chronicled than any previous installment. Author J.W. Rinzler (recently profiled here on had unprecedented access to the entire production process, and has portrayed the exciting backstage dramas inherent to filming so eagerly-awaited a movie.

The Art of Star Wars: Episode III collects some of the most stunning pieces of concept and development art created for the film, together with the official Episode III screenplay by George Lucas. The artists of Episode III are spotlighted here, alongside their costume, character, and technology designs, storyboards and production paintings, planetary vistas and much more.

Star Wars: The Making of Episode III tracks the entire production of the film, from the earliest Art Department explorations to the evolution of the script, from the start of principal photography in Sydney, Australia, to the additional photography in England as well as the visual effects wizardry of Industrial Light & Magic. Witness the changing face of cinema as detailed from a Lucasfilm insider who has followed Episode III from its earliest days.

Both books are scheduled for release on April 2, 2005. The Art of Star Wars: Episode III is a hardcover release. Star Wars: The Making of Episode III is a simultaneous hardcover and trade paperback release.

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