The Grudge: A new behind-the-scenes video from the upcoming Sarah Michelle Gellar film, The Grudge is now online.

The film, a remake of the original Japanese flick, Ju-On, stars stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jason Behr, KaDee Strickland, Clea DuVall, William Mapother, and Bill Pullman. Directed by Ju-On helmer Takashi Shimizu and produced by Sam Raimi, The Grudge is the curse of one who dies in the grip of a powerful rage which gathers and affects the places in which that person lived. Those who encounter this murderous supernatural curse die and a new curse is born -- passed like a virus, from victim to victim in an endless, growing chain of horror.

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Expect a release date from Columbia Pictures sometime in the fall.

CLICK HERE to check out the 8+ minutes of behind-the-scenes video!