The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King: In honor of the Oscar night festivities that included the many wins of The Return Of The King, The One threw their annual Oscar party in which many of the Academy Award Winners stopped by to have a word with the fans that supported their films for the last 3 years. In attendance was many of the cast and crew, one of which whom was director Peter Jackson who spoke to the crowd about the upcoming release of the extended version of Return Of The King...

Peter Jackson:

I'm sure most of you have heard me blabbing off in the past few weeks but we've just finished the extended cut of the DVD. I finished the edit before I came over here - these poor bastards at Weta have got another 350 effects shots to do! They're well on the way. Elijah's seen the extended cut. New Line have announced some box set that's supposed to be coming out which I didn't know anything about. When I've done 'King Kong' I'd like to do a proper box set and we've got a whole bunch of material - not of the movie but we've got a whole lot of bloopers out there! When King Kong's out the way I'd like to do a really high definition version with the best possbile picture quality.

Just as well, Jackson spoke of a bit of the material that will be included in the set...

There's a complicated story... you'll have to listen to this. It's just something that we are going to put on the DVD in November for the extended Return of the King. There's this really funny thing that involved these two guys [points at:] Elijah and Dom. We were in Berlin doing our junket before the premiere of the film. All of us were over there doing press every day where they sit you down in front of cameras and you do all this press, except Elijah couldn't be in Berlin - he was in New York. I think he was doing the 'Saturday Night Live' thing but what Elijah agreed to do very kindly was to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning in New York and sit in front of a camera so that the journalists in Berlin could interview him live since he couldn't be there. So Elijah's in a situation where he's in a room at 4 o'clock in the morning and he has no pictures to look at - there's just a camera pointing at him and he has an earphone on. He's live and he can hear the interviewer in Berlin asking questions. They feed several German interviewers and Elijah sits there blankly looking at the camera and answering the questions that are coming through his earpiece. After that had happened three or four times Dominic, who was in Berlin, thought this was an opportunity for a great practical joke! So Dominic comes into the room in Berlin, puts on a German accent and he pretends to be a German interviewer. Elijah has got no idea whatsoever because Dom put on a great accent 'Ah, hello zere Mr Wood I am pleased to meet you'. And then Dom proceeds to ask Elijah the most outrageously rude questions and Elijah's got no idea. He's sat there being filmed and there's this absolute moron asking questions on the other side and he was videoed too. We've got this thing and it's the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life: seeing Elijah trying to hold it together when he's being bombarded with these horrible questions. It was so funny that we're going to stick it on the DVD.
Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.