The Matrix:Eric Matthies Productions have posted some interesting information on the upcoming Matrix Trilogy Box Set from Warner Bros.

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An incredible look, deeper into the creation of The Matrix, with many many behind the scenes videos that expand on the experience of The Matrix!

Matrix Reloaded

Another heaping taste of the more than 600 hours of footage amassed on this epic project, including a dynamic analysis of the Freeway Chase for the Home Video release. We also created programming for the international TV market and a number of dynamic press packages.

Matrix Revolutions

For the DVD release, we created dynamic verite multi-angle components and in depth documentaries detailing the work of ESC and the miniatures department. We also generated television specials for HBO, TBS and the International market. These were very well received and ranked very high in the ratings.

Matrix On Line

Massive Multi Player On Line Games are the future of gaming, and this title, produced by the Wachowski°s, promises to be an epic. We detail the early phases of the game°s development with writer Paul Chadwick and the Monolith team.


A look at respective styles of the seven directors behind the Animatrix films is complemented by an investigation into the history and culture of Japanese animation. In total, we add an additional one and a half hours of material to this already packed disc.

Enter The Matrix

The video game is a companion piece to Reloaded, and features over 1 hour of additional narrative. We explore the world that the game exists within, and talk to the key developers behind the project. Our documentaries appeared as cover mount discs with various gaming magazines, as well as a companion disc included with the game itself.

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