Batman: Intimidation: Our friends at Latino Review received some interesting bits from a scooper today about the recent casting rumblings surrounding the next Batman film...

"My sister - an actress - is with Chris Nolan's former manager at UTA. They talk still. Funnily enough, she's now been asked to audition for a small part in Nolan's next film - Batman 5, set to start shooting in England on February 4th. RELATED: Batman: Caped Crusader Will Be Like a Spiritual Prequel to the 90s Animated Series

Anyway, there's no script yet, and she doesn't know what the role is, just that it's 'exposure' and 'experience'. But here's what we can tell you on Batman Intimidation Game. There's two villains. There's one love interest. There's a young Comm. Gordon. There's a young Harvey Dent.

The cast are Christian Bale [Batman], Michael Caine [Alfred], Judson Caspian [Viggo Mortensen], Cillian Murphy [Harvey Dent], Katie Holmes [Rachel Caspian], Chris Cooper [Gordon], Elle Fanning [Barbara], Noah Emmerich, as of 11/29/03

They apparently are still finalising the two main villain roles, but everyone from Robert De Niro to Dennis Quaid has tried out, and they should have their man-times two, in a week or two.

Also, she's up for a movie called "Species 3" which is over at MGM. Natasha Henstridge isn't doing it - this time it's two females."