A big-budget blockbuster remake is readying for a shoot in North Wales. According to The Daily Mail, Clash of the Titans is preparing to move the production to a quarry in North Wales.

Preparation works began at Dinorwig quarry last week for the remake of the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans.

The film is set to bring a string of big names to Dinorwig, including Terminator 4's Sam Worthington, Star Wars and Batman Begins star Liam Neeson, Quantum of Solace Bond girl Gemma Arterton and Ralph Fiennes, who won acclaim in The English Patient and Schindler's List.

First Hydro, owners of the Dinorwig site, were paid 㿞,000 for the use of its land, which will go towards community grants. The company's Tony Thomas said: "This will be a big economic boost for the area. We stipulated that Warner Brothers hire cars, Portacabins and security from local companies and use local hotels and food suppliers - 90% of the firms should be from North Wales.

"We get lots of requests to film here, but we normally say no unless we can see there's a benefit to the area."

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