A new Canadian TV trailer for Constantine has revealed a surprising Easter egg that ties the NBC drama into a larger DC Comics universe. While there isn't much difference between this latest teaser and the domestic one that was released last month, it does promise that other DC characters will make an appearance on the show. Watch the trailer and see if you can spot the references to a bigger world that may lie ahead.

<strong><em>Constantine</em></strong> Doctor Fate

It was easy to miss, but in the latest Constantine trailer, the Helmet of Fate (sometimes known as the Helmet of Nabu) was revealed. This helmet belonged to a long line of sorcerers who all used the name Doctor Fate. The character was created in 1940, with Kent Nelson being introduced as the latest Doctor Fate. His current iteration is Khalid Ben-Hassin. It is not known which Doctor will show up on the actual series, or if his Helmet of Fate will be the only thing making a cameo. If anything, this just proves that Constantine does not exist in an isolated DC Comics universe, and its possible that other DC characters will show up throughout the first season.

Constantine debuts this fall on NBC.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange