The British are about to be really stoked!

In a story from Fangoria, they spoke with DVD/supplements producer Michael Felsher who is currently putting together the features for the upcoming Creepshow DVD release in Britain.

Felsher says he's working on a commentary track with George A. Romero and FX guru Tom Savini. "It was very enjoyable," Felsher states. "It was George and Tom going back down memory lane in George's living room, so they had a great time. I'm also making a documentary, and have been shooting people all over the place for that; the plan is to include as many people who were involved in the film as possible."

In addition to this, Felsher's work on this project gave him some things he didn't expect. "A couple of days ago, my cameraman and I interviewed Rick Catizone, who did the animated segments with the comic-book clippings, the Creep and all that. We got there to interview him, and he was a wonderful guy, and he brought some stuff he had in storage. He whipped out original hand-painted cels from Creepshow, and I was just flipping out! And then he pulled out the original hand-colored comic book pages from the shots where you see the comic flip open. That was the kind of moment where your brain just short-circuits and you pass out. So we've got photos of all that stuff, plus footage of a scene where Ted Danson's severed hand comes after Leslie Nielsen that was cut out of the's going to be good!"

The plan is for this DVD to be out by Halloween but unfortunately it's not going to be readily available in the US.