Daredevil: This one is still a bit far off in the distance but the hype machine and buzz has already started. Today we finally get to see what the sightless crime fighter's foes. Here's the rundown...

Movie PictureFirst, {1} to see the badass looking Bullseye! He looks a little different than in the comic but that's the challenge you face with adapting comics to movies.
Movie PictureSecond, {2} and check out the man himself, Kingpin, there is no one else who should have even been considered. He looks perfect!

Third, we have an old picture that I think bears repeating. CLICK HERE and feast your eyes on the amazing Elektra!

Along with these most excellent pictures today, Dark Horizons has a full transcript of the press conference the entire cast recently attended. Very informative.

Dreamcatcher: This adaptation of the Stephen King novel by the same name has been filming in Toronto for the last month or so. A few set pictures and small reports have snuck out but nothing huge. Today, Dark Horizons changed all that. They managed to score an exclusive look at the one sheet poster for the upcoming film.

CLICK HERE and behold the coolness!

Indiana Jones 4: Wouldn't you just know it that right when things are going really strong and the hype is building, the films star would trot along and throw cold water on us all. Cinescape is currently running a feature that includes Harrison Ford being quote as saying, & Well, it's official that we have an ambition to make the film, but unless we get a script that we're all happy with, I don't think it's sure that will happen. This is a very different take than what Spielberg and Lucas have been pushing lately. Lets all just keep our fingers crossed.

The Ring: DreamWorks has been in the process of developing a remake of Hideo Nakata's The Ring. According to a report over at Aint it Cool Gore Verbinski has gone and made an excellent picture.

CLICK HERE to read the whole review!

Until next time...~Bobby