The viral marketing for The Dark Knight continues, of course, in very odd fashion. The viral site ATasteForTheTheatrical has been updated with a creepy little message posted next to a faux ad for a mobile home trailer. The message reads:

"Sunday. It's what you've been waiting for! Sure, you can see it on display, but beginning this Sunday, you can take it home for your very own!"
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If you click on the Download Now button right above that message, you get the original trailer, but perhaps we're in store for a new trailer this Sunday? A recent story from /Film possibly suggests that is the case.

The site was given the description of a new trailer that a reader apparently saw, from marketers outside of a movie theater. He provided a description of the trailer he saw:

"It opens with a camera flying over Gotham. We see the same shot of Batman on the roof used in a previous trailer. Harvey Dent's voice over: 'It's an honor to finally meet you.'

They cut to Bruce and Harvey in a restaraunt (the same one from the previous trailer with the shots of rachel). We now see Eckhart talking, he continues his dialougue: 'Rachel's told me everything about you.'

Bruce smiles. 'I truly hope not.'

The Batpod races through a narrow alley and cop cars brake and crash into each other since they can't fit through.

Citizens gaze up at the Joker talking on multiple TV moniters outside an electronic store. Joker (fuzzy and shadowy on the screen) 'Starting tonight people will die. I'm a man of my word.' Echoing laughter.

Gordon, Dent, and Batman on a rooftop.

Gordon: 'I want to be clear on this. In our zeal to bring him to justice, I'll let you bend the rules but we cannot break them. Otherwise, how are we different from him?'

Dent: 'Of Course.'

Batman: 'Agreed.'

The Dark Knight theme and logo cued."

Will we see this new The Dark Knight trailer on Sunday? Only time will tell. The Dark Knight opens in theaters on July 18.