It would be hard for Warner Bros. to completely ignore the critical reception of this year's two big DCEU movies, Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, especially since fans did a lot of complaining too. The movies were very serious, with Warner Bros. at one time establishing a 'no jokes' policy when it comes to their superhero movies. As Suicide Squad proved, they are turning the tide on this idea. And will do so even more in the future. Today, Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes promised that the upcoming movies in the DCEU will carrier a lighter tone.

This was evident in the first trailer for Justice League, which arrived during San Diego Comic Con, with some witty banter between Ezra Miller's The Flash and Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne. While Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad are said to have hit their targets financially, Bewkes did acknowledge that there is definitely some room for improvement moving forward. He says this, as reported by Deadline.

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"[The DC superheroes will have] more lightness in them. We're thinking about that. This is the part where we say 'pay no attention to the critics'. we do think there's a little room for improvement."

The CEO delivered these worlds to investors at a meeting earlier today while at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference. He went onto explain that Warner Bros. has added some key executives, first and foremost DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, to both oversee the quality and continuity of not only the movies but also the 8 DC TV shows currently airing as well as the consumer product lines. He says this, talking about the recent box office prowess of this year's two DCEU releases.

"We're going to try to make sure we do this in a way that's faithful to the opportunity and the tone of this. These movies were very successful in the strategic aims and financial aims we had for them. So the strategy worked. The execution did deliver what we wanted....What you shouldn't take away is that you should be worried about this. We're actually more optimistic about it than we were....We're right on course, or better."

At this time, DC Films' DCEU line-up is in a state of flux. Wonder Woman and Justice League are still set to arrive in 2017, but after that, any number of changes may occur between then and now. While the standalone Flash movie and Aquaman are expected to arrive in 2018, there is also a solo Batman movie brewing that could buck one of these releases to further off on the schedule. And it isn't clear yet whether or not Cyborg is still getting his own DC movie. It all depends on how the next two movies are received. If they land with such a loud critical thud as the last two, we can expect even bigger changes in the future.